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Lydia Jazmine Admits Her Birthday Car Wasn’t Bought By Her Manager

Songstress Lydia Nabwanukka has come out to clarify on how she got her Mercedes Benz car on her birthday.

The singer a few days ago celebrated her 30th birthday and got stunned when her manager Ronnie Mulindwa presented a brand new sleek ride to her.

The Masukka singer who seemed so surprised took to her social media pages to break the news.

However, some social media users did not believe this and called it a stunt.

Jazmine however came out to clear the air saying it’s true her manager did not buy her the car but rather used the money she’s been working for.

It was for this reason that she appeared so surprised and stunned since Ronnie knew that Mercedes Benz is her favorite car.

“I think people didn’t understand my statement. I didn’t say much manager bought me a car using his own money on my birthday. It was rather my money that he used but without my consent and it was a surprise. He decided to buy the Benz because he knows it’s my favorite car.” Jazmine said.

She added that she’s been singing on introductions, has a number of endorsements from big companies and she also had a sold out show in South Sudan.

She there for has the money to buy whatever thing she wishes for herself.

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