Lwasa threatens to sue Wisdom Kaye


Masaka based tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has threatened to deal with Wisdom Kaye OS style and make him rot in jail.

The tycoon said that he’s going to deal with everyone that has been insulting him but Wisdom Kaye is top of his list.

Lwasa added that he had gathered all the evidence to incriminate Kaye and was just lacking one piece which after he will drag him to prison.

The sharpshooter also added that he doesn’t know Kaye personally and doesn’t know why he constantly attacks him.

“I’m going to arrest those fools who have been insulting me. But the one who is top of my list is that stupid boy with a big head and mouth called Wisdom Kaye. That boy has been insulting me and so far I have collected 7 videos and I’m looking for one more video before I drag him to Court. He will know who Lwasa is because I don’t even know him. He’s so indisciplined that I wouldn’t even hire him in my banana plantation,” Lwasa said.

His followers on social media however criticised him and told him to not even think about it.

They told Lwasa that if he’s ready to show the world his small animal which many have been attacking him for, then he should proceed.

Lwasa has been at the receiving end of numerous criticisms but has also criticised many several items such as Diana Nabatanzi and he should be ready for war if he proceeds with this move.

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