Lwasa Is Just Seeking For Attention-Diana Nabatanzi

BBS Terefayina Presenter Diana Nabatanzi has come out to hit hard at City tycoon and ‘Sumbie’ driller Emmanuel Lwasa that he’s seeking for attention by keeping ill-talking about the beauty queen Diana.

These two cannot really seem to get out of the news of recent. The issue all stem from a bitter and hurt Lwasa who is bent at every opportunity to expose and shame Diana Nabatanzi.

The two had a romance behind close doors that rumors say it lasted for close to five years.

However a few months ago, the two fell out and more allegations have arose.

Infidelity is one of the major reasons that sparked the break up with the Masaka based tycoon a known city women terrorizer.

Ever since they called it quits, Nabatanzi has remained muted and her side of the story hasn’t yet been heard.

Lwasa for his case has made it a habit to expose any proof he has that he has ever dated the sexy BBS TV presenter.

One of the major claims Lwasa clings onto is the huge sums of cash he injected into Nabatanzi. These were both in cash form and businesses.

Nabatanzi who has a popular business empire  known as Tanzi empire has however denied that she got any financial assistance from Lwasa.

Although the she does not mention it directly, her recent comments seem to suggest that Lwasa was never the force to her rise in the business world.

“I have every reason to celebrate, thanking me for being hardworking, a hustler, go getter, dream chaser, achiever, enterprenuer, self made, young CEO of Tanzi Empire, Tanzi Collection, Founder of Tanzi Foundation and more…. Thanking me for everything i have in life,” Nabatanzi said.

Lwasa has always claimed how Nabatanzi detoothes millions and millions of cash besides spending on her lavish lifestyle.

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