lwasa may end up in bars

Lwasa Could Soon Be Heading Behind Bars

August 2021 is a month and year Masaka to tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa will never forget for the rest of his life as all consequences faced in the month may leading him to heading behind bars.

This was after his nude videos leaked earlier this week and last week.

The two videos showed Lwasa stimulating his barely seen veteran manhood.

He’s been the current talk of town and will surely be a reference for many more years to come.

Lwasa has however denied being the man in the video.

He said that the video was doctored because the different body parts don’t match.

The tycoon added that he cannot be called “Lwasa- mayinja” yet he doesn’t have the equipment.

He however told those looking for iron bars to go to Hardware world.

Despite all the denials, (he would never accept it was him anyways), police has announced that they are carrying out investigations.

Once they find out that it was him and he recorded himself, they will then pounce on him and arrest the smallness out of his private members bill.

This was after city pastor Martin Ssempa also called for the arrest of Lwasa saying he was spreading nudity hence promoting moral decay.

Lucky for Lwasa Father Simon Lokodo is nolonger the ethics Minister otherwise he would be behind bars by now.

It’s not yet known who recorded Lwasa and spread the videos.

It’s also however rumored that his wife Angel might quit their marriage since she wasn’t the one who recorded the two videos.

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