Lwasa calls Diana Nabatanzi a real life thug

After harvesting Diana Nabatanzi left, right ,center, up and down , Masaka based tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has continued to sting Diana Nabatanzi.

In the latest verbal attack, Lwasa labeled the BBS TV presenter a thief that every man should try to avoid.

The two dominated the news a few months ago when their secretive affair hit a snag after going public.

They both denied claims of sweating under the sheets together before Lwasa later spilled the secrets.

The tycoon said that Nabatanzi had milked him of millions besides buying her expensive gifts including a brand new Pajero car.

Lwasa seemed bitter at the fact that he had nothing to show off for his relationship with the sexy and appetizing TV presenter and “Yolesa Ekitone’ judge.

However, Lwasa moved on barely months after and jumped into another relationship with an anonymous slay queen.

Lwasa claimed that he had found paradise in her that Nabatanzi could never offer and besides she would give him a kid.

Despite getting introduced by another woman, Lwasa seems like he still has his mind stuck on Nabatanzi as he can’t seem to let go of her.

He daringly posted a video of him yesterday with the beautiful presenter on his Facebook page.

In this video, Nabatanzi is seen holding Lwasa’s hand while trying to shield her face from being filmed by the tycoon as they head to one of the hotel’s slaughter rooms.

Lwasa went ahead to caption the video calling himself a hero. He says that it’s an ordinary man’s dream to date and maintain a lady of Nabatanzi’s class.

“NANGE NDI MUZIRA!!!!! As I took my best friend Diana for a business trip worth millions but couldn’t afford to have with me a selfie worth nothing. ABASAJJA TUGUMA Naye buli musajja yigira ku nze abawala ba Kampala misege. MBU TOKWATA VIDEO.” Lwasa captioned.

The tycoon was later interviewed by Spark TV on their Live wire program and asked about the Nabatanzi saga.

Lwasa said that Nabatanzi was a thug that he did not wish any man to fall in her gap.

“Maintaining a woman like Nabatanzi is a job itself too. You see the way she was hiding her face, that’s what exactly thieves do and that’s what she is. I’m making this plea because I want to warn all men who might want to hit on her. They should know that all Kampala girls are thieves after men’s money.” Lwasa added.

It’s not known whether Nabatanzi will reply to these harsh comments but we shall keep you posted.

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