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Lumbuye Kidnapped Himself – Kato Lubwama

Former Rubaga South MP Kato Lubwama has come out to say that it seems embattled NUP social media propagandist Fred Kajjubi Lumbuye might have kidnapped himself.

The minister of state, Foreign affairs, Okello Oryem came out a few weeks ago to claim how government had arrested Lumbuye.

He went ahead to say that he was arrested in Turkey and would soon be deported to Uganda to face prosecution.

However ever since then despite the efforts from the NUP camp to trace Lumbuye’s whereabouts, they are still unknown.

The last rumor had it that he was being detained at Gulu air Force Base.

However, according to Kato Lubwama, Lumbuye could have felt the heat and decided to self kidnap himself.

This would help to kill off the pressure on him and hence hiding away.

Kato Lubwama added that Lumbuye might resurface again in 2023 before crediting whoever planned Lumbuye’s self kidnap.

“Lumbuye could have kidnapped himself just to cool off the pressure that was being put on him. He might resurface again in 2023. If it’s really true he kidnapped himself, I will have to give credit to whoever planned it because it’s such a mega stunt.” Kato Lubwama said.

The former legislator also talked about his friend tycoon Lwasa who had his nude video leaked.

The comedian said that he hasn’t seen the video because he can’t afford to watch fellow men but said people should stop photoshopping others adding that he was once a victim.

Kato Lubwama said the people telling Lwasa to go for surgery should mind their business because Lwasa himself hasn’t complained about his size.

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