Tamale Mirundi Jr

Lumbuye And His Followers Are Mere Fools- Tamale Mirundi Jr

Tamale Mirundi Jr the son of Tamale and grandson of Mirundi has come out to brand embattled NUP propagandist Fred Lumbuye and his followers a bunch of fools.

It should be noted that a few weeks ago Tamale Mirundo Jr quite NUP and cited Lumbuye as one of the reasons why he quit the party.

He criticized the party’s hierarchy for failure to silence Lumbuye yet they knew very well he was denting the party’s public image.

Unfortunately for Lumbuye, he was arrested yesterday in Turkey and is due to face his charges either in Turkey or Uganda if he’s deported.

Mirundi Jr said that Uganda can’t be ruled by idiots adding he has no problem with Lumbuye but rather the things he says.

“You see, we can’t accept our country to be ruled by idiots. For me I don’t have an issue with Lumbuye but there are things he says that are not only false but they don’t align with my level of understanding. He has spoilt alot of people’s names through black mail and manipulations. All i can say is that Lumbuye together with his followers are fools.” Mirundi Jr said in a local TV interview.

Meanwhile it’s been rumored that Lumbuye’s arrest has nothing to do with his clashes with the Ugandan government.

It’s rather with the Turkish policies which he seems to have violated in the course of his stay there.

NUP had feared that a deportation of Lumbuye to Uganda would be sending him to the gallows.

These went ahead to say that they will use whatever forces available to them to see that he’s not extradited to Uganda but rather tried in Turkey.

It’s from this point that Kawempe north Muhammad Ssegirinya came out to announce that Lumbuye won’t be deported to Uganda.

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