Lucky Mbabazi recalls how she was bullied in school

Capital FM Morning Breakfast presenter Lucky Mbabazi came out to reveal how she was bullied in school and how it almost took a toll on her.

Bullying is a common phenomenon in school and was worse back in the day when schools hadn’t put up stringent measures yet to tackle it.

Lucky says that the bully had nicknamed her “Big Lips” and she had actually fallen to her tormentor.

She added that this made her insecure because she believed what this bully said not until later when she grew up.

The radio presenter said that she embraced her body flaws when she grew up and appreciated all those who managed to live through such scenarios unbroken.

She however advised her followers to develop tough skin because social media is worse than those days in school.

“I remember when i was bullied in school by a classmate who kept on calling me “Big lips” because that’s how she chose to put me down. I became so insecure because of believing her thoughts until i got much older and realised it didn’t even matter. Never let a bully define you. Shout out to everyone who made it out of school with all the body shaming and random bulling. Hope you love yourself better now because social media is even worse than school and if you don’t build a thick skin you might lose yourself here.” Lucky wrote on her social media pages.

With levels of mental and psychological instability high, it’s not usually good to taunt people about their bodily appearances.

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