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List Showing How Musicians Are Going To Drown In Gen Saleh’s Money Leaks

A list reportedly showing how musicians who subscribe to Chameleone’s Uganda Superstars Association are to drown in huge monies from Gen Salim Saleh has leaked.

It should be noted that musicians have in the past few days have been locked up in engagements with the military Gen in Gulu.

Chameleone’s group was the first to head there before they were joined by the Uganda Musicians Association wing.

Despite these artistes saying that they had not gone to beg but rather to forge a way forward on how to better the industry, it seems contrary.

According to this list the musicians listed can all be seen allocated huge chunks of money.

The letter is addressed to the coordinator operation wealth creation General Salim Saleh.

If effected Chameleone and Pallaso are to walk away with over 0.8 billion each.

Bebe Cool and Weasel are to part with over 0.6 billion.

The rest of the musicians are indicated on the list with their pending amount as shown in the lists.

However singer Kabako came out to trash the list saying it’s fake while Sanyuka TV said the list is authentic.

It’s not known whether the list is real and if the general will effect it.

We shall keep you posted
Musicians to receive Saleh Cash 2

Musicians to receive Saleh Cash

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