Let’s forgive each other and bury the hatchet – Weasel to OS


Singer Omilangira Suuna decided to walk the road he is preaching about.

The singer took to his Facebook page to issue an apology to Weasel of the Goodlyf Crew for always saying that they propagated the ‘Oli Mulogo’ statement in him .

After recording the Nakudata song, Suuna and the Goodlyf fell apart and bad blood boiled between the two camps ever since then.

When Weasel got hold of one of the videos in which Suuna accuses the Goodlyf, the Ebyaana singer threatened to sue him.

“This is defamation Mr OS. We are giving you 48 hours to Apologize or else we are going to OS You to Kitalya,” Weasel posted on his Facebook account.

Soon as Suuna saw Weasel’s message, he decided to issue a lengthy apology asking him that they bury the hatchet between them.

“At such a time when we are perfecting our aim of eliminating defamation and character assassination by irresponsible journalists, it’s needless for us to be used by the media houses in their competition for news. I therefore take this opportunity to publicly apologise to my brother Weasel and the Goodlyf at large for saying they started this “Oli Mulogo” slogan against me. It’s so human to apologise to someone when you hurt them,” Suuna apologised to Weasel.

The Goodlyf singer also accepted the apology saying that now they are back to being buddies.

“Apologies accepted my broda.Kanzijje orefillinge V8 yange tuddemu, one love,” Weasel replied.

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