Ivan Ssemwanga

Late Ivan Ssemwanga’s Alleged Son Says Ghost Attacks Him

The late Ivan Ssemwanga’s son came out to say that he’s always attacked by his late father’s ghost.

The son who resembles the late and claims he was fathered by Ssemwanga although not from Zari said that the former Rich gang leader attacks him at night viscously.

He made the comments while appearing in an interview with Sanyuka TV.

He added that there are those days he sees bees , it’s then that he knows he’s going to be attacked that night.

“I’m always attacked by the ghost at night and it tells me things I don’t understand. At times when I see bees, I know that night there is a fight between me and him. The ghost is always strangling me.” He said.

This young man also talked about how he was kicked out of the family after being told a DNA test showed that he wasn’t the late Ssemwanga’s son.

“I wasn’t contented with the way the DNA was carried out. When we reached the hospital I was told to go and bring passport photos but on my way back, I saw the nurse and doctors being given money.” He said.

He added that even when he was still living in the Ssemwanga family, they discriminated him.

Further he said that the blood was taken to South Africa where it had to be clarified from yet it’s clearly where the people who don’t want him near the Ssemwanga family live.

He appears to have been saying that socialite and Ssemwanga’s baby mama Zari Hassan had hand in the DNA results turning out negative.

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