Eddy Butita

Kenya’s comedian Eddie Butita makes it to Netflix

 “I have always wanted to be on Netflix, this year God made it a reality.”

Eddie Butita one of the finest comedians in Kenya is over to the moon after having his first written and directed Swahili comedy debut on Netflix.

Butita was contacted to write and direct the first ever Swahili comedy for Netflix a task that he started working on.

He wrote and  directed the Swahili version of The Upshaws an American Sitcom that was created by Wanda Skyes and Regina Y. Hicks whose original version premiered on May 2021 on Netflix.

His Swahili version has been under development as he worked it on with Hiventy Africa who have professional studios in Nairobi.

The Swahili version of Eddie Butita is finally streaming non Netflix as the first ever Swahili comedy on the over the top service company.

“I was reached out to be the first Netflix Swahili Comedy Writer and Director” Eddy Butita said “For the Past Few Months, I wrote and Directed the Swahili version of Upshaws created by Wanda Skyes, it was a great experience. The early mornings and late nights together with a team of talented professionals from Hiventy Africa, we successfully brought the script to life and it is now streaming on Netflix”

Netflix is working hard to include local content on its streaming site so as to attract more customers locally.

“If Eddie Butita wrote and directed for Netflix, it means that African Comics have a great chance in the global market and we are ready for the world” Butita concluded with a powerful statement of hope.

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