Keep tweeting nonsense as your man asks for pU$sY – former radio presenter to Prim Asiimwe


Well always do a default settings check to make sure your house is in proper order before you go to social media to lecture people.

The level of violence there is very high as they call it ‘okusabula’ now days.

Galaxy FM’s presenter Prim Asiimwe was indeed ‘kusabaludai’ by former radio West presenter Sarah Mubest after she tweeted ‘nonsense.’

Through her Twitter account, Prim asked why all those girls who have boyfriends call other girls’ girlfriends when they need money.

It seems like Prim had pressed a wrong button which prompted Mubest to crash her saying she should keep tweeting nonsense as Muhangi keeps begging for sumbie from other girls.

It’s not known if Muhangi has ever chewed Mubest or asked her for beans.

However it’s know that Muhangi is the real hyena of red pepper when it comes to bearded meat.

He’s been linked to a number of bummy babes especially those who throng his Comedy Store show.

He’s spent close to ten years with Prim and they share a daughter together known as Jehu Muhangi.

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