Kats has a lover – Caroline Marcah denies dating MC Kats

Kats has a lover – Caroline Marcah denies dating MC Kats

Bukedde TV presenter Caroline Marcah has come out to distance herself away from the rumors that she’s currently dating MC Kats.

The two have been so close in the recent past.

This has left many people believing that they are dating.

Kats and Marcah have all been acting weird when it comes to the question of whether they are dating.

The two usually refer to each other as besties although their social media activities suggest otherwise.

Caroline however while talking to Uncut on Sanyuka TV said that there is nothing between them apart from sheer tight friendship.

Marcah who is set to co-host the King of the mic show with Kats on Saturday said that she’s the queen of the mic just like Kats is the king.

She however said that Kats has a lover and all his close associates know her.

“There is no relationship between me and Mc Kats apart from pure friendship. People just don’t have tight friends like me and Kats. Kats besides has a lover and we all know him but I won’t reveal her to the media. Kats and I have been through a lot and our friendship dates long way back. It’s just that the media caught wind of it during the lockdown and then started peddling lies. I will co-present the king of the mic with him since I’m queen of the mic,” she said.

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