Kapa Cat talks about rumors linking her to lesbianism


Singer Kapa Cat has for a long time been linked to having a thing for fellow girls.

This is partly due to her social media photos which show her in awkward positions with her female friends.

Asked about these rumors the Sikyo singer replied that “I lay where I find comfort.”

There you have it, maybe she’s bi and loves adventuring.

Kapa Cat also said that she wants a man who knows how to cook and will treat her like a princess.

She went ahead to say that she can’t be cooking and at the same time hustling.

The singer was asked if for her case she knows how to cook and said that definitely yes.

Fans have been pouring out enraged comments asking her to identify if she’s into ice creaming different women.

It’s not known if indeed she’s into both genders or simply seeking media relevance.

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