Justine Nameere

Justine Nameere Denies Attacking Faridah Nakazibwe

A few days ago NBS TV ran a story in which it had the headline that presidential advisor Justine Nameere had reignited her war with NTV Mwasuzze Mutya presenter Faridah Nakazibwe.

In this interview, Nameere appeared to be saying that she will be looking to hire only talented people below the age of 35.

She appeared to be attacking Nakazibwe saying the latter is old, above 35 and not talented.

Nameere in the interview added that Nakazibwe on top of having no talent should have started up her own businesses and leave room for the younger crops.

However according to social media blogger Ray Supasta who is a known close friend to Nameere, the NBS Uncut interview was voiced over and totally had nothing to do with Nakazibwe.

He added that they forged the fake story line of Nameere and Nakazibwe row having been reawakened.

He added that all the information released by NBS TV in their interview with Nameere is absolutely lies adding that in the previous two interviews Nameere has done, she has not attacked Nakazibwe at all.

He clarified that Nameere said that the jobs on her TM-TV will only be for people below 35 years because many youths are jobless and therefore deserve a chance too.

He therefore asked NBS TV to stop peddling lies on behalf of his friend.

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