Juliana Kanyomozi promises fans new music


Songstress Juliana Kanyomozi has come out to promise her fans new music any time soon.

The singer who recently jetted back into the country had taken off some time to concentrate on family issues and some personal time away from the airwaves.

With her immense talent, the airwaves have surely missed her angelic voice and most of her fans are already super excited.

Juliana also lauded her fans for loving her so much that she at times fears what will happen to her if she ever disappoints them.

This was after they put up billboards for the singer on her birthday.

“I will be hitting studio again and my fans should expect some new music and other projects soon. I really love my fans a lot and at times there love makes me scared of what will happen if I ever disappoint them. I think my fan base is the best there is,” the princess of Toro said.

Juliana also took time to address rumors surrounding her son Taj and his anonymous father.

It should he recalled that ever since Juliana gave birth to a baby boy, she has never revealed his father nor the son’s facial identity.

This has led to numerous speculations but the singer said that she’s a private person and will therefore reveal her baby daddy and son in the right time.

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