John Blaq addresses video tape rumors

Social media users have been feeding on  for the last few weeks ago and they can’t seem to get enough.

It’s like a sextape revolution and competition with  tapes dropping every now and then.

With basically no economic activity taking place, people have decided to use their time by dancing themselves.

As social media users were still recovering from the allegedly leaked Diana Nabatanzi video tape, singer John Kasadha aka John Blaq sent them back into the ICU with another.

Men’s tapes have been quite an unheard of phenomenon and they basically don’t gain any massive attention.

However, the Mbimala singer is now the talk of town due to his behavior under the sheets, actually he wasn’t in the sheets as his coal like bums were exposed.

In the 15 second video, John Blaq shows his “bubadi” skills in bed while wearing shades and a chain.

The singer who has been releasing clips of his upcoming video took to social media to address his fans in the wake of the tape.

His message was simple as he dedicated American rapper Chamillionaire’s Good morning song to them adding his own of “Mbimala”.

“I wanna show all my haters love this song is for you #Mbimala.” John Blaq posted on his Twitter page.

As usual social media started reacting to his message there and then.

“which haters???? A user went.

“So John is this how you decided to promote your new song by releasing your tape? Bro come out and clear the air.” A user wondered if this was a strategy to promote his upcoming song.

“Lots of love my brother.” Singer spice Diana commented pretending as though she had not yet seen the video.

“On behalf of the Busoga boy child Association …. We have decided to disown John Blaq. He is no longer called Kasadha John but rather Kasajja John
Thnx Mgmt
Signed by
PRO Busoga Boy Child Association.” Another joked.

“Doesn’t change the fact that your black bums were exposed.” A fan joked.

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