Jesus has many things to do -Mama Fina to pastor Manjeri


Traditional herbalist Sylvia Namutebi popularly known as Mama Fina has come out to lambast several pastors who are always troubling Jesus with their personal problems.

Mama Fina made the comments in relation to the marriage woes of Pastor Irene Manjeri and husband Dr Vincent Katongole.

She said that these pastors and the likes who follow them should know the pillars of marriage are love, trust and respect.

If these are not adhered to, the marriage is bound to fail.

She also said that pastors also have their own problems and people stop seeing them as if they can’t fall before giving an example of Pastor Bugingo.

“Those pastors are always crying to Jesus all the time forgetting that he has many other things to do. Marriage has its basics that should be observed if it is to last. Besides, those pastors are also human like the rest of us with their own imperfections. Remember how people bad mouthed Bugingo but he had to walk away since he was tired,” she said.

Over time many religious leaders have been involved in adulterous scandals that have left people in shock.

This is contrary to what they always preach but probably they are also human.

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