It takes more than good sex to keep a man – Douglas Lwanga’s wife hits out at critics

Lindah Lisa wife to NBS TV presenter Douglas Lwanga has come out to lecture all those who keep criticising her for her relationship with the celebrated media personality.

Lisa said for long she’s received numerous insults of how she’s older than Douglas, how she’s an albino and even bleached.

These accusations have rang the couple’s way for long and the mother of two had severally come out to address them.

This time she however seemed furious as she told these trolls that Douglas is older than her and they share two handsome boys if they must know.

She wondered how these people could turn the gun on her yet some years back they were the ones advising her to dump Douglas because she was too good for him.

This however didn’t shake them and they kept going strong for ten years and are not about to give in to these negative bad minds.

She then told those thinking that it’s good sex that keeps a man to think better than that.

“You have always accused me how I tie myself on him, who told u you can force yourself on someone who doesn’t want you? Men settle where they find love, respect, care and peace and of course much more than just sex and being a fellow man in a relationship and this should be a lesson to many of you, stop your graping for us with your social media gangs to put others down and seem like we in wrong,” Lindah Lisa posted on her Facebook page.

She also added that she’s glad she snatched Douglas from his first marriage as they always accuse her because he’s not the first one to leave a failed marriage.

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