Isma Olaxess allegedly incriminates himself in the Dans Kumapeesa murder

Uganda bloggers association president Isma Olaxees has allegedly incriminated himself in the murder of the late producer Danz Kumapeesa in a Tiktok video that is currently trending on social media

It should be noted that Danz who was a trending producer passed away in 2017 after having been beaten by unknown goons.

He would later pass away in hospital due to the injuries inflicted upon him.

Now in this video, Isma said that they killed Dan’s and he was part of the group but nothing can be done to scare him.

“We killed Dan’s Kumapeesa and I was part of the plan. He’s now rotting under ground. Nothing can be done to scare me,” Isma says in the video.

The authenticity of this video is however doubtable owing to the fact that Isma was in Sweden by then and is even less known.

With the trend of lots of content on social media being doctored, it’s also a doubt that Isma would incriminate himself on such a big issue.

Here is the Video:

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