Irene Ntale finally finds love


Female musicians and relationships/marriages in Uganda is like the opposite.

Most of these despite ageing have always come up to downplay the topic saying all they are concentrated on is their careers.

Former Swangz Avenue singer Irene Ntale however seems to have deserted this category after announcing that somebody’s son has finally found her.

“Somebody’s son has finally found me ❤️,” Irene Ntale posted.

The singer who burst onto the scene in 2013 has never publicly come out to reveal her lover for the time she’s been known.

It was only former Laftaz Lounge proprietor Jonathan Kyeyo she was linked to but it was never proven and just a rumor.

Having the church background she does, it seems she’s finally opened up her heart for somebody to penetrate into.

Ntale is in her 30’s and when a relationship comes knocking in that age, you just don’t turn it away.

She earlier this week informed her fans how she’s soon releasing new music.

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