Indisciplined Artists Like Chameleon Need To Be Punished- Kati Lubwama

Indisciplined artists like Chameleon need to be punished- Kati Lubwama

Former Rubaga North Mp Kato Lubwama has come out to say how indisciplined artists in the music industry need to be dealt with seriously before they destroy the music industry.

He made these comments while in a meeting converged by UMA to address a number of issues facing the umbrella.

The meeting was also attended by some of the bigwigs in the music industry such as Dr Hilderman, Meeach Ssemakula, Cindy, Isaac Ruuchi, Sophie Gombya, Kayemba Solo among others.

The meeting comes at a time when a new body seemingly threatening to undermine UMA’s power was formed and announced last week.

This umbrella known as Uganda Musicians Federation consisting of Uganda Superstars Association was formed under the leadership of Dr Jose Chameleon together with other big musicians.

Chameleon went ahead to say that Uganda Music Federation was the father of all musician’s umbrellas in Uganda including UMA too.

He even advised them to come and join him so that they work for the good of Ugandan music.

However, the attendants of UMA’s meeting yesterday asserted that it was only UMA recognized as the only body handling musician’s issues.

Mesach announced bow they are going to hold elections in September.

He also said that the electoral commission had agreed to assist them in this exercise and they will also have their own internal commission.

Kato Lubwama on the other hand said that there are artists who started their careers on indiscipline and are still riding on it.

He said that these don’t want to know that there are others who can be better than them or even lead them.

Although he did not directly name Chameleon, he indirectly meant him because he’s the one that has been common of disrupting the music industry.

Kato Lubwama said that the policy board of UMA will help to police the industry and help to deal with impunity.

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