I’m Not In Any Relationship – Pr Bugembe On Engagement Rumors


Pastor Wilson Bugemebe has come out to deny the rumors that he’s in a relationship.

This was after a photo of him and a woman who had a ring on her finger made it’s way to the internet.

The Pastor said that the woman is someone he met in the US and she’s even married to a white man there.

The Katonda singer added that the photo was taken at the moment when he told her to flash the ring to show everyone that she’s married.

It was however interpreted differently by Ugandans.

Talking about the pressure form Ugandans to get married, the celebrity pastor said that he’s aware of these calls but he’s not on pressure to.

He added that everything has it’s own right time just as the Bible says.

“Oh I didn’t propose to anyone. The woman in that photo is actually married to a white brother in the US. It was just that I told her to flash the ring as the photo was being taken. I know people have been asking me to marry but I’m not in any rush. Even the Bible says everything has its own time. But I promise it’s soon coming,” Pastor Bugembe said.

The pastor has had his fair share of scandals regarding his ‘unmarriedness.’

A number of women have in the recent past pleaded with him to marry them.

Some have even gone ahead to allege how it’s God who sent them to him to marry them.

These calls for Pastor Bugembe to get married date as far back as 8-10 years.

He however seems to know what’s in marriage and he continues to enjoy his single life as much as he still can.

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