I’m not going to Mbale to suffer – MC Africa frauds tweeps


You have all heard of Bobi Wine’s song that Kampala is not a city for the ‘falaz’ and this is what MC Africa showed to Twitter users.

MC Africa first got famous for appearing in videos promoting Pia Pounds song Twende Tupaate song and was later hosted on NBS TV.

Later on Pia Pounds picked up on him and made him look like a corporate.

It’s from here that he landed a role in the remix of the Tupaate remix featuring Eddy Kenzo.

As if Mc Africa thought that his overnight fame wouldn’t last long, he decided to make a clean sweep of the tweeps hard earned dimes.

Mc Africa together with singer Liam Voice organised a trip to Jinja at 100,000 shillings.

They made adverts and even created a WhatsApp group which saw tweeps excitedly pay like the Mc was their brother.

When the day came however, Mc Africa had vanished and and he’s currently untraceable as he exited the WhatsApp group.

He then blocked all the tweeps in the group as his hunt is on.

“It wasnt Mc Africa who organized the trip, it was his cousin Mc kampala si bizimbe”


Most tweeps are still crying rivers about their hard earned savings.

Singer Liam voice has also not yet provided updates and it’s not know whether he was part of the whole plot.

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