I will never touch alcohol again – Oscar Big Tym


Oscar a singer who was a member of the 2010’s music group has vowed to never drink alcohol again or even abuse drugs.

This was after his life was resurrected by Bruno K and other well wishers.

Oscar had been living in a very miserable state and was in a poor health condition by the time Bruno K discovered him.

Oscar said that he doesn’t even know how to appreciate Bruno K because he’s a being with such a big empathetic heart.

“I was given a second chance to live by God and all I can do is thank Him because he’s grateful and he never gave up on me. That’s why I decided to quit alcohol, I was like will I die if I don’t drink thus quitting it. For Bruno K, I thought people with good hearts no longer exist. I just don’t know how I can thank him enough. All I can wish him is God’s abundant blessings.”

“My situation has also taught me to be humble, if I wasn’t humble, I wouldn’t have been able to make it here. I was given a place to live in and food because of being humble,” Oscar said .

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