I personally don’t like OS Suuna – Bebe Cool


Singer Big Size Bebe Cool is one person who is known for not sugarcoating things and just saying them the way they are.

This has actually bought him many enemies than friends but he surely doesn’t care a coin.

A few days ago while appearing in a local TV interview, the singer expressed his dislike for fellow singer OS Suuna.

The Gagamel boss said that personally he doesn’t like OS Suuna for some of his personal choices although he supports his move of suing journalists who go beyond limits.

Bebe Cool also said that he’s one of the most bullied musicians although he’s mentally tough.

“I personally don’t like what Suuna does and some of his choices but I support him 100% to sue some of those journalists who don’t care about other people’s emotions and dependants,” Bebe Cool said.

He also went ahead to say that Isma Olaxees and Kayz are all his friends but it doesn’t stop him from telling them when have wronged someone.

Bebe Cool added that some of these musicians faded and all they remained with is the name that feeds their families and pays their kids school fees.

The Wire wire singer said that it’s therefore a pity to see these journalists trying to bury even the small name left.

Meanwhile Suuna has been on the radar the last few days and weeks after suing Next Media workers who spent a couple of days behind bars.

The singer has maintained that he will make sure he restores sanity and respect in the entertainment journalists.

He claims these work so hard to destroy and taint musicians names.

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