I once rejected an endorsement deal worth billions from a beer company- Eddy Kenzo

It’s very hard to think how one can turn down an endorsement deal worth billions of shillings especially in such hard financial times we are in currently.

But Edrisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo has come out to say that despite coming from Masaka to the capital to hustle, money can’t make him go against his beliefs and values.

And just as he sang that ‘eno ensi tenemazamu” loosely translated that he does not bend for world and materialistic things, he proved it while appearing on the NTV T Nation hosted b Crysto Panda.

The Big Talent boss said that he once rejected an endorsement deal of promoting an alcoholic brand because he’s Moslem.

“It is true I rejected an endorsement deal for alcohol worth billions because I don’t stand for it as a person. Yes, I go to bars but it’s not to drink. I go to socialize and hang with my buddies. Everything is not about money.” Kenzo said.

The Bolingo singer is one of the most popular and top grossing artists with a huge following on social media.

That means that’s he a great force in promoting brands and isa brand ambassador for some local brands.

He went ahead to also give a view about parenting since he’s a father of two adorable girls.

Kenzo said that he does not believe in beating children.

He rather sits them down and talk about what they might have done wrong.


  1. Am happy to Bella myra coz she has returned kenzo’s mind in live.

  2. i thank God for what he has done to my best kenzo eddy.. he deserve that beauthifull girl GOD BLESS YOU BOSS

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