Bobi Wine and Barbie

I Miss Your Warm Hugs – Barbie Pens Down Sweet Message To Bobi Wine

Love really knows no qualifications or honors as everyone is bound by it at one point in life.

With husband being away for over a month now, it’s evident that ghetto first lady Barbra Itungo misses her man, musician cum politician Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine.

She took to her social media handles to celebrate his love and friendship and all the memories she has shared with him.

“For the companionship, the warm hugs, the fun days, the shoulder to lean on, the life lessons, the ever growing love and the patience; I am grateful to you Comrade Honey.” Barbie posted.

Barbie and Bobi Wine is one of the most celebrated couple both in the entertainment and social life circles.

They have been a true definition of rising from grass to grace with each other’s back.

The couple has managed to weave their way through the hardships of life to the top and now enjoy a status as one of the most revered families in the country.

The couple has been together now for over two decades having met around 2001.

Kyagulanyi by then was a student at Makerere University while Barbie was in her form 6 vacation at Bweranyangi girls.

It’s fair to say that Barbie was sort of a prophetess having decided to take her gamble on a youth like Bobi Wine who seemed like he was million years away from the top by then.

She has however moulded her man into what he is today a thing he also doesn’t shy away from saying.

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