I know my man’s size and it was not him in those videos -Lwasa’s wife Angel comes to his defense


Ever since Lwasa’s nude tapes leaked online, his wife had remained tight-lipped about the whole saga but she’s finally come out to address the saga.

And guess what, she defended her husband saying that it wasn’t him and he’s naturally a ‘Lwasa-mayinja’ and not a pencil.

Interestingly, Angel said that she didn’t watch the videos but she’s sure it wasn’t her man due to the mockery that followed.

Angle also dispelled the rumors that they had finally broken up due to these nude tapes of Lwasa pleasuring his ‘ka animal.’

“That wasn’t my husband in those tapes because I know him very well. I actually didn’t watch them but it wasn’t him. We have even never broken up and I also see the rumors in the media,” Angel revealed.

Lwasa was allover the news when his alleged tapes leaked.

He however denied being the one in them and said they were photoshopped.

Lwasa maintained that this was a plot to blackmail him and get money out of him but he wasn’t going to fall for it.

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