I Had Gone To Gulu To Spy -Kabako

Singer Roden Y Kabako said that he had gone to Gulu to spy on the meeting they had gone to meet Gen Salim Saleh.

A few weeks ago musicians from Kampala set out to meet the military general in Gulu and faced backlash from the public and some fellow musicians.

Kabako who was among the Gulu contingent however denied having gone to Gulu for money and insisted he had gone to Gulu go spy on the meeting

The TNS singer said that he had gone to spy for the people and not Bobi Wine.

He added that he was however bounced from accessing the meeting premises due to his dress code.

“I never went to Gulu, I was there but did not access the barracks where the meeting with Gen Saleh took place. I was denied access because of my dress code. You can even hear Fefe Bussi’s Mbozi ye Gulu song. I had gone to spy for the people and see those who want to distort the music industry.” Kabako said.

He made the comments after attending a musicians’ meeting at Bobi Wine’s home over the weekend.

Kabako said that in Magere he wasn’t bounced because of his shorts.

He added that Magere is home and fashion is understood by the ghetto gladiator.

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