I Had a Crush on My Husband’s Voice- Catherine Kusasira

Band singer Catherine Kusasira has come out to reveal how she fell in love with her husband and fellow singer Fred Sserugga.

Kusasira said that she had a crush on him because he used to sing well.

She also said that Sserugga had helped to uplift a number or musicians and she wanted him to assist her too.

“I had a crush on Mwami Sserugga who is now my husband today. He used to sing well and I loved his voice. Besides he had lifted so many artistes and I also wanted him to mentor me,” Kusasira said.

Contrary to what fellow faded singer Phoebe Nassolo who has been saying that she introduced Kusasira to Eagles production, the presidential advisor trashed this.

The singer said that the Band announced that they were looking for singers and she auditioned and turned out to be successful.

Over a career spanning close to two decades, Kusasira has been one of the best band singers.

She has over time released countless hits and won numerous awards.

Kusasira however now seems to have channeled her energies to politics.

She’s the presidential advisor and recently announced her intentions to run for the EALA seat on an NRM ticket.

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