I Got The Best Medical Attention At Mulago- Zuena Kirema On Healing From COVID-19

Despite the numerous rumours about negligence and corruption at Mulago Hospital, wife to singer Big size Bebe Cool, Zuena Kirema has come out to disprove all the rumors.

Zuena said that it was now a month since her battle with COVID 19 that almost gave her a scare of her life.

She said it started as a simple flu followed by cough and before she knew it, she had lost her sense of smell and taste.

She immediately predicted that she had covid 19 resorting to self medication.

However she says this is the worst mistake people do, self medication.

She developed fever, running stomach and vomiting before Bebe Cool decided to take her to Mulago Hospital.

Zuena said that just as like other people, she was scared of the hospital due to the negative stories associated with the hospital.

She was however surprised when she got the best care.

“I can assure you that everything was free …. accommodation, food and medication. The only time hubby pulled out money was when there’s a specific medicine needed urgently.” Zuena said.

She said that if she had not had two friends who had undergone the same treatment at the hospital, she was going to conclude that she was being given preferential treatment.

The mother of five went ahead to thank the doctors who have put their lives on their line to save Ugandans by working tirelessly.

Zuena went ahead to sympathize with those who had lost their loved ones to the disease.

She went ahead to tell people to stop discriminating those found with covid 19. She also told people to adhere to the SOPs inorder to keep safe.

However her post was met with mixed reactions. Some said that she was given the treatment because she’s NRM and well known.

These also went ahead to castigate her for labeling self medication as a mistake.

She however clarified saying self medication is good only if you discover the virus early and different bodies respond to it differently.

However, others thanked her and confirmed that indeed Mulago was free of charge unlike the hearsay.

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