I Gave Birth To My First Son After Being Raped – Pastor Irene Manjeri


Pastor Irene Manjeri has shockingly revealed while appearing on Sanyuka TV’s Uncut show that she gave birth to her first born son after being raped.

Manjeri said shamelessly enough it was a member of the CA, Uganda’s parliament back in the early 90’s.

The pastor who says that she was a very gorgeous young girl narrated how this MP took advantage of her as she went to his house to make a phone call.

“Dr Katongole should stop lying that he found me with kids. It was only my son Isaiah. I gave birth to him after being raped by an MP, they were called CA’s by then. I was a very beautiful girl by then and as I went to his this MP’s to access a phone, he took advantage of me and raped me. It was in 1993, it’s how I gave birth to my first born,” the pastor said.

She however refused to reveal this beast’s identity.

Manjeri also revealed that despite her so good English, she did not go beyond primary four.

Further, Manjeri talked about how husband with whom they are going through a rough patch and are on the verge of divorce.

Manjeri said that Katongole abdicated all his duties as man in the home and has just been enjoying her sweat.

She said that besides he’s a loveless man who’s been torturing her emotionally although he had never hit her.

Manjeri also revealed that she’s tolerated enough before adding that all of Katongole’s words in the media have been shambolic lies.

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