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I don’t need a Range Rover! – Pallaso tells fans, to give away all collected funds

On the third day of aggressive fundraising, musician Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso has come out to tell his fans, who have been sending money in hundreds of shillings that he doesn’t need a Range Rover.

Pallaso says this after telling his fans that his Range Rover was confiscated by Uganda Revenue Authority and they need UGX 100M in taxes to release it which he had failed to collect individually and thus needed help from the public.

In a challenge that started on Wednesday through Thursday and Friday, Pallaso says that he has so far collected UGX 5.2M from his loyal fans.

Shortly after announcing the fundraising, he was seen taking and posting screenshots of fans who were sending him money with the mode amount being 500 shs. The fundraising went viral with fellow artists and other internet users making fun of him as a certified beggar.

Today early in the morning, the Team Good Music boss announced that he will share facts and fiction today with his twitter fans a session where he has shared 5 facts and 1 fiction so far.

In the facts, Pallaso explained the fact that there’s only one God before acknowledging the existence of real fans who wish nothing but seeing you succeed. This was before advising people not to take social media serious in what he said that a lot that is shared on social media is for fun but not real.

Pallaso concluded the facts section by telling people the amount of money that he has collected with totaled to 5,241,252 telling his audience however that he’s not interested in a Range Rover, thus claiming that he did not start the fundraising campaign to rescue his Range Rover.

“Fact 5. I don’t need a Range Rover,” roared Pallaso.

Revealing the fate of the collected money, Pallaso said that he will randomly give it to one of his fans and opened a draw in what he called ‘Fiction 1’ for people to participate while retweeting the tweet.

Fiction 1. I am randomly gonna give this 5.2 Million shillings I have collected to one lucky person here on tweeter. If you want to join the draw please retweet this now.” Said Pallaso

Whether Pallaso will give out this amount or not is not yet clear. The spoiler being that; a promise to give out this cash to one random fan is put under ‘Fictions’.

The tweet has so far garnered over 400 tweets and whether the winner will be announced solely basing on this tweet or there are other challenges to be passed, it is yet to be known.

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