I cut off my ties with Bebe Cool because of his selfishness- Tuff B

NBS TV presenter and faded musician Tuff B has come out to reveal why he severed his ties with Gagamel boss Bebe Cool.

Tuff B and Bebe Cool were very great pals in the last decade and even released a number of songs together.

These included the much famed “Ddogo lyo” which was hitting Bebe Cool’s nemesis Bobi Wine.

The two however later fell out over unclear circumstances and Tuff B always takes up every chance availed to him to sting his former boss.

While appearing on Urban TV, the KURT presenter revealed that the Wire wire singer’s selfish character was the reason he deserted the Kiwatule camp.

Tuff B said that Bebe Cool always puts his family first before anything else.

“The main reason why I parted ways with Bebe Cool is because he is selfish. All he cares about is himself, his wife and his children. He puts them ahead of everything that even at work priority is always given to either himself, wife or his son.” Tuff B said.

However social media followers were quick to tear him apart saying that what Bebe does for his family is what every man should do for their family.

These reminded Tuff B that even his new boss Bobi Wine prioritizes his family first.

This was therefore silly of him to criticize a man who is after bettering the welfare of his family on top of anything.

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