I can’t love you – Spice Diana tells Khalifah AgaNaga


Spice Diana yesterday dryly came out to tell fellow singer Khalifah Aganaga to stop tying on her because there is nothing between them.

The Ndabirawa singer for a long time has been expressing his emotions to Spice on social media even warning off the men who might want to woo the diva.

While appearing on NBS TV together, the Kokonya singer told Khalifah flatly that there is nothing between them and he should stop confusing her fans.

She added that Khalifah lacked the confidence to reach out to her and confess therefore he should bury his feelings.

“Me and Khalifah have never been in love. He should stop confusing the public because he has never to me asking to date him. I also only see it on social media. So I will clear it once and for all, me and him have nothing between us,” Spice Diana told Khalifah and the audience.

It seems Khalifah’s hopeless crushes were crashed there and then.

Always go for that you want and don’t sit on it.

The singer however these days seems like to have cooled his lust for the diva after the arrival of the Afghan refugees.

Khalifah came out to record a song and even tell how he will get himself an Afghan wife.

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