Sammy Ekannya

I Can Maintain My Wife- Comedian Sammy Ekanya

The Mighty Family comedian Sammy Ekannya yesterday broke the news of how he had married his sugar mom.

This was after pics of the two emerged on social media platforms.

Sammy who fled Uganda to Nairobi after his self kidnap ploy was busted said that it’s love that matters.

The lady however looks twice Sammy’s age and it’s rumored that he married her just to obtain a US Visa.

Sammy was questioned whether he will be able to maintain her.

The comedian said that good enough she understands him better than anyone else and they are in love.

Even if they sleep hungry, the love is their and it’s not only money that keeps a woman according to Sammy.

“I will maintain my wife because she loves me and I love her. Love and understanding each other is what matters. Besides it’s not only money that keeps women but also the “work”, you can ask Lwasa about that.” Sammy said.

It has become quite a phenomenon among young male Ugandans in the limelight getting married off by old Zungu lovers.

This is so simply to access the luxuries accorded by the countries from these women’s origins.

These relationships have however failed to stand the test of time.

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