He Who Laughs Last Laughs Best-Diana Nabatanzi Hits Back At Lwasa With Actions

There is a popular saying that he who laughs last laughs best.

This was the case yesterday as popular BBS TV presenter shocked online users after posting pics of her in what appeared to be an introduction.

The sexy TV presenter has for the last couple of months dominated the news due to her alleged intimate affair to Masaka based tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa.

Accusations dogged the two after they officially broke up. Lwasa accused Nabatanzi of being after her money and denying him baby. Lwasa went ahead to throw a number of digs at the TV presenter.

Just a couple of days ago, Lwasa uploaded a video of him and Nabatanzi on probably one of their sexcapades out of the country. He went ahead to caption it that he was a hero for bedding and maintaining a woman of Nabatanzi’s class.

The controversial tycoon went ahead to give an interview to Spark TV live wire program. In this program he accused Nabatanzi of being a thief after men’s money just like other city b!+ches.

He said that he was doing all this to warn other men who might fall into the gorgeous presenter’s traps. Nabatanzi kept a deaf ear and paid a blind eye to all these allegations in the face of criticism.

It seems some man though did not heed by Lwasa’s advice and has moved a step closer to making things official with Nabatanzi.

Nabatanzi went ahead to upload caption-less pics on her social media handles which left people guessing she’s off the shelf.

In these pictures, Nabatanzi is seen in Kukyala wear hugging a gentleman also in Kukyala wear although with his face hidden.

Nabatanzi’s move comes after Lwasa also legalized his relationship with another woman after the two broke up.

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