Grace Khan disputes rumors linking Prince Omar to her pregnancy


Former Da Nu Eagles singer Grace Khan has come out to distance herself from rumors linking UK based Ugandan singer Prince Omar to her pregnancy.

Lots of publications have been alleging how the Balage singer ballooned Grace Khan and ran away from his responsibility.

However when Omar was contacted about this matter, he said that he doesn’t know Grace Khan personally.

It was the same statement reechoed by the Njakufa Naye singer as she said that she doesn’t know Omar personally.

She also disputed the rumors linking Weasel Manizo to her pregnancy.

“The owner of the pregnancy is neither Weasel nor Prince Omar. I know Weasel as a fellow singer and maybe a distant friend but we have never taken time to talk that deep. It was only the late Radio that I had ever talked to. For Prince Omar, I don’t know him personally and we have never met. Just like how he too said that he knows me as musician, it’s the same way for me,” she revealed.

Despite crying floods on her baby shower a few weeks ago about how the baby daddy to be dumped her, Grace Khan has remained mute about the man responsible for this pregnancy.

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