Grace Khan

Grace Khan Denies Visible Pregnancy

Local female singer Grace Khan yesterday while appearing in an interview denied being pregnant.

Rumor has been having it that the singer is pregnant after being ballooned by fellow singer Prince Omar.

She however denied the pregnancy even when her tummy clearly showed that there is something unusual about it.

Grace claimed that she just put on weight like any other person during the lockdown but she’s not pregnant.

It was rather confusing how someone’s weight only increases in the tummy.

” I’m not really pregnant. I just put on weight like any other person. I just want to assure my fans there’s no pregnancy but just a little weight mishap.” Grace Khan said.

She even denied dating the said sharpshooter who ballooned her, Prince Omar.

She’s however not the first artiste to deny being pregnant when actually they are pregnant.

We can only wait for a few more before she drops a tot.

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