Give me a job instead of the bursary – Bad Black to Victoria University

Once a commando always a commando, the saying goes.

Popular wocialite and thigh vendor Bad Black has come out to request Victoria University to instead give her a job in the place of a bursary.

It should be recalled that social media was up in arms against the University a few months ago after it unveiled Bad Black as their brand ambassador.

However after public backlash, the University instead twisted the narrative and said the ex convict was admitted as a student.

She however says that she has responsibilities and can’t be comfortable in class when the bills are piling up.

“I can’t be comfortable in class when I don’t have money. I request that they give me a job. Of course, I’m grateful for the bursaries, but I also need a job to help me meet my responsibilities,” mama Jonah aka Bad Black said.

She hasn’t yet shown up at the campus premises two weeks after the University opened it’s gates to students.

Bad Black is instead in South Africa doing what she knows best.

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