Get off My Land-Kabako Warns Perpetrator

Local singer Roden Y Kabako has taken his battle with a land grabber to a whole new level.

The Nanfuka singer while appearing on Radio Simba’s Wolokoso show warned off this land grabber and told her how he will tump her to pulp.

Kabako says that he bought his land legally but a one Hajjati wants to conspire with the LC 1 chairman to steal his land.

“I spent countless nights sweating on shows singing to buy this piece of land. My manager Jeff told me that Sheebah would keep the money for me. When I raised a sufficient amount, Jeff bought me this land.” Kabako addressed.

Kabako who was in the company of his friends further threatened the chairman and the alleged perpetrator.

” I want to warn this Hajjati and chairman of how we shall beat them and won’t be answerable to anyone. Let them dare step foot in my land again.” Kabako added.

Kabako went on to address the alleged land grabber of how she had been duped if she paid for that same land. He challenged her to bring the documents she used buying the land as he paraded his.

The singer was later joined by his wife Jazira who exhibited the same energy as the husband.

She said of how this land legally belonged to them and therefore had to fight for what belongs to her kids.

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