Mr Henri and Prima

Geosteady’s Children Are Now My Responsibility – Mr Henri

After going for Geosteady’s ex Prima Kardashi, Galaxy FM presenter Mr Henri has come out to announce how the children too are now his responsibility.

The radio presenter while appearing in a local TV interview said that he can’t love Prima and fail to love her kids too.

Henri said that he and Prima are now business partners working so hard for their two daughters.

“I love Prima and whatever is hers is mine too. Her problems and happiness are shared too by me.
I cannot love the mother and ignore the children. It’s me who takes them to hospital when they fall sick so I have a role to play as a father in their lives. We are working so hard to give them a better life. I love Prima so much unlike what they say that am a smart wire.” Mr Henri said.

This might attract some strong words from Geosteady who for long has always praised having his two daughters Sorayah Williams Kigozi and Solange Williams Kigozi in his life.

Prima was earlier this week asked if she coparents with the singer but said that he’s currently not helpful in their life.

Seems like Geosteady is taking the Kenzo road who is a good friend of his.

All I have had their women and children taken by their co husbands.

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