Former Big Tym singer Oscar cries for help from ex lover Sheebah


If you thought that Sheebah has never fallen in love with a man, then think twice.

Rumors have been having it that former member of Big Tym Oscar was his lover.

While appearing in an interview with Uncut, Oscar who is sick with a rotting leg confirmed that he had a relationship with the queen karma.

He added that the two dated for sometime but things didn’t go well.

Oscar then proceeded to ask for help from the Nakyuka singer.

“It’s true I used to have an affair with Sheebah when she was still staying along Entebbe road. But that’s in the past and I don’t want to talk about it. All I’m asking for is help from her, please Sheebah reach out and help me,” the singer said.

Oscar who revealed that drugs and alcohol got him to that stage of begging said that the group was tried to be recreated but they failed due to a number of disagreements.

He then proceeded to ask for help from his former singing mates.

Oscar also thanked Pallaso who gave him a million shillings to cater for his medical bills.

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