Forget The Rebel Style, President Museveni Celebrates Wife’s Birthday In A Telemundo Style

Love is surely the greatest weapon in this world. It weakens even the stone hearted and makes them vulnerable.

Many great men have crumbled because of love when they were in the oath to greatness.

But hey relax, nobody here has collapsed because of love, it’s rather that a Ssabayekera all along has some sweet words deep in him.

Many a times when President Museveni makes public speeches, they are either related to national duties or wars.

The President has always talked of how he deals everything in a rebel style. Most rebels are known to be ruthless with no love at all.

However Jjaja Tibuhaburwa took to his Twitter page to celebrate his wife’s birthday Jjaja Mukazi, Janet Kataaha Museveni.

And well the rebel did not do it rebel style but rather telemundo style.

The President started by thanking God for the amazing life of his wife.

He added how he was grateful for the blessings God had brought forth into his woman’s life.

He concluded by wishing her many more years of good health and happiness adding how he looked forward to hitting 100 with her.

“Praise the LORD GOD for the life of Maama @JanetMuseveni  and for the many blessings from God in her life. We wish her many more years of health, happiness, and service. Looking forward to reaching 100 together.” The President posted on his Twitter handle.

Mrs Museveni who is also the Minister of Education and Sports was born in Ntungamo district on the 24th of June 1948.

This means that she just made 73 years. The two share four kids and have been married since 1973.

And with parties and gatherings suspended, it seems like the first lady wont get a massive birthday celebration.

We wish her a happy birthday.

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