Lydia Jazmin

Forget About Me Getting Married-Lydia Jazmine

Marriages and female singers in Uganda seem like a far fetched idea as most of them don’t fancy the idea.

The latest to join the list is the gorgeous songstress Lydia Jasmine who while appearing on Galaxy FM said that she doesn’t see herself getting married anytime soon.

The singer who a few moths ago clocked 30 said that for now it’s her music than matters the most and there is always time for everything.

The Kapeesa singer said that marriage is not something that rings in her head because she feels not ready at the moment.

She made the comment when she was questioned on when she will be getting married.

“I have not thought about marriage because I am not ready. There is time for everything. For now, I am concentrating on my career,” the singer responded to the question of getting married.

Lydia Jasmine has been around the music scene for close to a decade now but has never publicly shown off her man.

Most have been rumors linking to her a number of city men.

For now she still camps in the Sheebah class of the unmarried hardworking and independent women.

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