Forbes List of richest African musicians, Real or Fake?

A list of richest artists in Africa hit the internet last week sparking numerous debates among music fans and musicians concerning the net worth of various celebs and the hierarchy of artists in terms of their total wealth. Dominated by West Africans, the list made named Bobi Wine the richest in East Africa ahead of Wasafi records CEO Diamond Platnumz and Ugandan Musician Jose Chameleone.

Besides various who were furious seeing their favorite stars not feature on the list, musicians such as Diamond Platnumz of Tanzania was also furious seeing his net worth underestimated which made him the third second richest artist in East Africa behind Bobi Wine yet he expected to be number one.

“FORBES: next time Google me to know I am really worth of before putting me on your Stupid Richest African Musicians list!” Diamond Platnumz reacting on the Forbes List.

Is this net worth Forbes list real or hoax.

The list listed Youssou N’Dour of Senegal as the richest artist in Africa with $145-150M while the Senegalese Musician and entrepreneur who is the planner and the brain behind Akoin cryptocurrency and futuristic Akon cities in Senegal and Uganda came second with $80M. Bobi Wine a Ugandan Musician and Politician came at number 16 in Africa and the richest in East Africa at $8.5M while Diamond Platnumz came at number two in East Africa with $7.8M and Chameloene trailing closely at $7.5M.

The list first appeared on the Nigerian websites before it spread to other African sites that either knowingly or unknowingly copied it, pasted, thinking that it real from the renowned American Magazine Forbes Magazine.

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However, having done thorough research, we have determined that the list is fake and should be treated with all contempt it deserves. The list was designed by a curious person who knew that only way to have it spread is by labeling it with Forbes Magazine.

The list does not appear on the Forbes Magazine and does not also feature on their Website neither does it feature on their social media channels

With exception of Akon whose networth was estimated by Forbes to be at 80M n 2019, there’s no other African artist whose net worth has ever been estimated by Forbes Magazine.

Various lists including richest personnels in various African countries, richest politicians in African countries etc have been issued claiming to be released by Forbes yet they do not appear on any of the certified Forbes Magazine publications.

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