First Son Muhoozi Amuses Twitter After Saying Banyankore Are From Egypt

First son Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba is a Twitter addict and that’s a known fact and a hobby that can’t be snatched away from him.

The Commander of the Land Forces is always tweeting and some times his tweets leave mixed reactions amongst his followers.

This was the case when he took to the Blue bird app to reveal a piece of history his late grandfather divulged to him.

Muhoozi said that his late grandpa told him that the first Banyankore to arrive in Uganda were from Egypt.

He therefore warned that anyone who thinks of insulting Egypt would be insulting Uganda too and they are therefore prepared to go toe to toe with Egypt’s aggressors.

“My late grandfather Mzee Amos used to tell us that the first Banyankore came from Egypt. When I was there for a course (for 6 months) I never had a problem with any Egyptian. If anybody thinks of fighting Egypt, he should know he will be fighting Uganda as well,” Muhoozi tweeted.

This drew in a number of mixed reactions from his followers with some questioning why his tweets of recent are all about fighting.

This was after he said that if President Museveni ordered the UPDF to attack the coup leaders in Guinea, they would crash them in less than a month.

However it’s not clear if Muhoozi and his late grandfather’s claims of the Banyankore coming from Egypt are valid.

This is due the fact that history points to the fact that the Bantu groups in East Africa originated from the West presumably Cameroon highlands and not the north of the Continent.

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