Fille Shows Her Appreciation For Fellow Musician Desire Luzinda

Fille Mutoni has come out to show his sincere feelings and appreciation for fellow Musician Desire Luzinda who she says she adores.

It is said that you better appreciate people who inspire you a lot when you still have the chance, however, this is something that is not synonymous with human beings as they tend to appreciate others when they are probably dead.

Songstress Fille Mutoni has however differed from this path as she made her feelings about fellow singer Desire Luzinda known.

The ‘No money’ singer said that the ‘Kitone’ singer is an inspiration and role model to her.

She went ahead to relate her life to Luzinda’s saying the problems they have gone through are what bind them.

It should be recalled that Desire Luzinda went through one of the most difficult phases a woman would never wish to go through. The singer in 2014 had her nudes and a sex video released by a jilted lover.

This is something that haunted the singer and will probably haunt her for the rest of her life. However she decided to convert all this negative energy into something positive and she’s now a much changed person.

Desire together with her daughter later relocated to the US where she’s now based. The singer whose career was at the death bed by the time of the nudity saga has gone ahead to transform herself towards charity and pastoral work.

She a few days ago returned into the country where she has gone on to launch a foundation. This is known as the Desire Luzinda foundation which will engage in different charity activities.

Fille on the other hand has had a turbulent past years all attributed to ex baby daddy mc Kats. The two first clashed when Kats announced how Fille was doing drugs.

The end of it came in 2019 when MC Kats publicly declared how he was HIV positive.

This really hit Fille hard as she saw Kats move as a selfish one which greatly dented her career.

She has just of recent started to make way into public life after a silent two years.

While speaking to Spark TV in an interview, Fille talked of how she intends to emulate Luzinda into a much better person.

“Desire Luzinda is a role model to me and probably to many other young people out their. I have seen her go through hard times like I have gone through but she has stood strong. She’s a much better  person nkw than she was by then” Fille stated.

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